"Go, therefore, and make disciples..." Often this task, which fits with God's eternal mission of His glory through the exaltation of the Son and in the abiding presence of the Holy Spirit, is met with much difficulty. This difficulty works for our sanctification, and here we will post helps as you seek to follow Christ in making disciples of all nations (particularly in your own family, workplace, and social circle).

When addressing other worldviews. Everyone who is not a Christ-follower or who claims to follow Christ but does not practice a faith that is described in the Bible has a worldview other than one that is biblical. Not every worldview can be correct. Watch this series (which Pastor Andrew preached at a previous church) as different worldviews, including Christianity, are weighed against the Scriptures regarding their definitions of faith and righteousness and as the biblical view of faith and righteousness is applied. This series is beneficial if you question what true Christianity is, if you are curious about what it means to have true faith, and if you want to see what sets biblical Christianity apart from every other worldview.


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