Before You Visit

Visiting a church meeting is difficult. No matter what, you'll feel like an outsider because you don't know anyone. No matter how friendly people are, it's just awkward because you don't know what is going on. You don't know the order of things. You may not know the music. You may not be that familiar with the Bible or with what Jesus teaches. You may be afraid that you talk funny or something else.

Here, we believe that all people, that includes us, are unrighteous by their very nature. This means that we see ourselves as the worst of all sinners. You will not be condemned by us on any basis. In fact, no matter what you think about yourself, our explicit belief is that God redeems His people and justifies His people by grace alone through faith alone.

We want to help you plan your visit. One of our members would love the opportunity to sit down and have coffee or lunch with you before you visit. Please use the contact form to the side. Ask us anything you would like. Request a call or coffee or lunch. We would love to come to you first. Or, just walk through the door! You will be cared for from the moment you walk in. Our hope is that you will come to worship the Lord God with us regularly. Everything is for His glory alone.

We are praying for you and are already thankful for you in Christ.