"Tolle Lege!" ~ "Take Up and Read!"







Join us for The Church at Sunsites Book Discussion, "Tolle Lege!" This year's theme is titled "Heroes of the Faith," and will include biographies of notable men and women whose love for the Lord and zeal for the gospel compelled them to follow Christ with fully committed hearts. 

Each session begins with an introduction of the chosen book given free to attendees. At the following session, readers will have the opportunity to participate in a review and discussion of the book. In addition, the next selection will be distrubuted, along with a brief preview. 

Session 1: February, 2018---"Amy Carmichael, Beauty for Ashes"
Amy Carmichael (1867-1951) was a missionary and author who spent over fifty years of her life — without returning home — serving mainly low caste girls and boys in South India. Iain Murray’s concise biography provides an enlightening and moving account of her remarkable life and love for her Saviour, as well as perceptively drawing lessons from it.
Session 2: May, 2018---"Through Gates of Splendor" Elisabeth Elliot
Publised in 1957, this book tells the story of Operation Auca, an attempt by five American missionaries (Pete Fleming, Ed McCully, Nate Saint, Roger Youderian, and Jim Elliot) to reach the Huaorani tribe of eastern Ecuador.  All five men, including Elisabeth's husband, Jim, were killed.
Session 3: August, 2018---"John G. Paton - Missionary to the Cannibals of the South Seas" - Paul Schlehein.  This book, published in 2017, gives a heart-moving, soul-stirring, survey of the life and labours of the famed missionary, John G. Paton, to the cannibals of the South Sea Islands. Paton's zeal for reaching this remote people group with the "Good New" of the Gospel will both encourage and motivate you in your own Christian walk. 

PLEASE NOTE:  "Tolle Lege!" is on hiatus through November.