When you attend, come as you are. Dress casually or dress up. We don’t look down on others because of the way they look, their disabilities, or their sin. We believe that salvation is by grace alone through faith alone. Since we are not condemned on the basis of our sin, we don’t condemn others on the basis of theirs. We simply want you to hear the word of God taught in the order and context God has given it.

We pray you are blessed and filled with God’s Holy Spirit as you live and serve our King, Jesus Christ. See you soon!

Andrew, Lead and Teaching Elder

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  1. Limited Atonement
  2. Blacktop Pulpit: Unconditional Election
  3. Blacktop Pulpit: Total Depravity

Church life:

Time for Vision

During my first elders’ meeting with the other elders of the church in early 2019, Albert asked, “What is your vision for the church.” Where did I see the church in five or ten years? I shared my desire to emphasize outreach and missions, but I told the elders that I did not have aContinue reading “Time for Vision”


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