July Announcements

We are, more or less, back to normalcy. Many of you are still physical distancing, and we encourage you to continue to discern what is best for you and your family. As more and more people get back into the church gathering, we encourage safe practices. Wear masks if you feel you need to. Air hug, and remain six feet apart. We are providing two seating options during the main services; You can participate live in the auditorium or enjoy the broadcast in the fellowship hall. If you choose not to honor the physical distancing recommendations, please respect those who are. We do have hand-sanitizer and masks available for those who need them.

In Acts 2:44-45, we see the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the actions of the first local church. The church held all things in common-even selling their property and possessions, sharing them with all as anyone had need.

When we come to know Christ, we begin giving to others rather than gaining for ourselves. Church becomes about what we can give rather than what we can get. We share the Gospel because Christ has so graciously given us His grace. We share what we have because God has given us what we have so He might bless others through us. What a wonderful world this would be if we all blessed one another rather than rather than build relationships based on what we may get out of them. One day, the world will be this way. Sharing is not merely a means for accomplishing our mission but a lifestyle wrought in Christ’s people by His Holy Spirit.

This month, we have added two new ammenities. 1) We have added an overflow/family viewing area during the main worship service. You can now choose between participating in the worship service live and viewing the broadcast from our fellowship hall. 2) We have developed a share-center group on Facebook and will soon add our share-center booth in the Fellowship Hall.

Remember meal-share on Sunday afternoons following the main gathering. Join us Sundays at 12:30 as we eat together and walk through Revelation.

Upcoming Special Events

Because of COVID-19, this event is now a free concert and missions panel. Details to come.


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Current Opportunities:

Audio Video Tech- to run sound and video on Sunday mornings.
Hispanic Missionary- someone to start a hispanic outreach ministry at TCATS for the growing hispanic population in the Sulfur Springs Valley.
Bible teachers- those interested in teaching the Bible or pastoring can be trained here.
Singers and Musicians.
If you have a particular calling, we will be sure you are equipped and put you to work for Christ’s kingdom.

Please donate online by clicking here.

If you do not give online, please remember to mail in your first-fruits or place your offering in the offering box when you are at the church building. We do not take up an offering during any worship gathering.

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Our Missions Vision in 2020

Published by Andrew Paul Cannon

Andrew has been in vocational ministry since 2011 after volunteering from his teens. He has served in the lead pastorate since he was 25. He holds both a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Ministry with an emphasis on Youth Ministry and a Master’s of Divinity in Christian Ministry with an emphasis on Apologetics. Andrew is currently in pursuit of his Doctorate of Philosophy, where he will specialize in Systematic Theology. Andrew’s wife, Kati, and family serve alongside him.

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