January 2021 Announcements

Happy New Year, church family! I want to thank you for another great year at TCATS. 2020 presented some interesting challenges and hardships, but we got to experience God’s continuing sanctification. This year, God taught me about patient endurance, unconditional love and forgiveness, and humbled me again–as is His way. In 2020, I worked on brevity and on explaining lofty ideas in plain language. In 2021, I will learn how to better interact with ideas other than my own. I’ve always been a sort-of harsh debater, enough to mostly distance myself from participating in debates. These days I find myself wanting to be more charitable and understanding. Please pray for me as I discipline my body and mind more faithfully this year. I would love to hear about your New Year’s resolutions. –Andrew

Special Announcements

If you missed our advent series, watch it here!

We will begin 1 Corinthians on January 3. Remember to pick up your 1 Corinthians journal and send us any questions you have as you read through 1 Corinthians so we can plan on answering those as we walk through the epistle together.

Annual Business Meeting (uh, I mean family meeting)- Thursday, January 14 at 6:30pm
The purpose of this meeting shall be to:

  1. Select officers for the upcoming year,
  2. Approve the operating budget for the upcoming year,
  3. Reaffirmation of two elders (Andrew and Albert) and one deacon (Steve),
  4. Cast vision for 2021, and
  5. Other business if needed.

I (Andrew) will be writing three pieces before our annual meeting. One considering the importance of elder reaffirmation, another considering the importance of developing and casting vision as a church family, and one concerning the deacons’ and elders’ role related to the church budget according to Scripture. Be on the look out for these three important considerations as we prepare ourselves to discern the will of God for TCATS in 2021.

Please see the church calendar for other scheduled events this month.


Interested in earning a teaching certificate starting this spring? We are starting seminary classes through Gateway Seminary; Please contact us for details and don’t forget to enroll soon.

Download and read Pastor Andrew’s latest school paper by clicking here.

Current Opportunities:

We want you to serve according to your calling. Come, be a part of The Church at Sunsites. We commit to train you and see you fulfill the ministry God has called you to according to His will.

Please donate online by clicking here.

If you do not give online, please remember to mail in your first-fruits or place your offering in the offering box when you are at the church building. We do not take up an offering during any worship gathering.

Remember to Subscribe to this blog and Contact us with any questions!

Published by Andrew Paul Cannon

Andrew has been in vocational ministry since 2011 after volunteering from his teens. He has served in the lead pastorate since he was 25. He holds both a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Ministry with an emphasis on Youth Ministry and a Master’s of Divinity in Christian Ministry with an emphasis on Apologetics. Andrew is currently in pursuit of his Doctorate of Philosophy, where he will specialize in Systematic Theology. Andrew’s wife, Kati, and family serve alongside him.

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