2021 Southern Baptist Convention: We Are Great Commission Baptists

Kati and I made it to Nashville and are excited about the convention this year. There are a few things I want to see happen. It is so easy for us to be up-in-arms about the things we don’t like. For most in the SBC, that means lashing out against those things that seem tooContinue reading “2021 Southern Baptist Convention: We Are Great Commission Baptists”

A Reformed Local Church in the Valley

I was talking with someone the other day who, upon searching for reformed local churches in or near Willcox, AZ was, unable to locate one via an online search engine. Well, here I am letting you all know we are here. I only hope this article shows up when you search for it. As aContinue reading “A Reformed Local Church in the Valley”

New Resources Available

The following resources are now available for download: Our Easter 2021 series The Prophets foretold a day when the Messiah would come and establish the kingdom of heaven on earth. In this series, we consider the prophetic Easter vision and the implications concerning our faith, practice, and doctrine. He is risen. He is risen, indeed.Continue reading “New Resources Available”

Holy Week Schedule

Holy Week begins March 28. Palm Sunday: March 28, we will observe our regular Sunday schedule, with Sunday School at 9:30am, Morning Worship at 11am, and our Lunch Series following the morning worship service. We will have our regularly scheduled Wednesday evening apologetics meeting at 6:30pm Resurrection Sunday: April 4, we will have an earlyContinue reading “Holy Week Schedule”

My Millennial Journey (so far)- Andrew

As I sit to write this, I am a little hesitant because I’m not sure I have landed concretely on any position concerning the millennial reign of Christ. The most popular view held today is the premillennial view. In 2019, I remember being at a lunch for reformed pastors in our area. One of theContinue reading “My Millennial Journey (so far)- Andrew”

Apologetics: Starting March 3, 2021

I know many people who reject God based on claims about what science reveals or not. People evolved from a more primitive creature and were not created from dust. The earth is nearly 5 billion years old, not 6 thousand. The universe took billions of years to form, not six days. Many of us haveContinue reading “Apologetics: Starting March 3, 2021”

Distinctives: 3 Basic Millennial Positions

There is much misunderstanding in the church about the differences between the 3 basic millennial positions. As we continue to walk through Revelation during our Sunday lunch series, I wanted to provide the distinctives. I also want to encourage you not to give-in to the sin of hasty-generalization. Even if someone technically falls into oneContinue reading “Distinctives: 3 Basic Millennial Positions”

Holy Week Timeline: According to Matthew’s Gospel

On Wednesday evenings, during our Bible study, we are starting the Holy Week discourse. The Holy Week discourse is seven chapters long from Jesus’s triumphal entry into Jerusalem to His resurrection and covers the span of only eight days from Sunday to Sunday. Holy Week at a Glance Sunday (21:1-17) Triumphal Entry Into JerusalemCleansing ofContinue reading “Holy Week Timeline: According to Matthew’s Gospel”

February 2021 Announcements–New Resources for You

January is already over. I finished revising my crazy school paper, and will see if I am really finished when my prof gets back to me. I miss everyone who isn’t able to make it on Sundays or throughout the week for whatever reason. I just want to be around my church family and friendsContinue reading “February 2021 Announcements–New Resources for You”

2021–The Year of Fellowship

We sat together in our annual meeting, and the congregation had one heart. I asked, “What are some words that describe The Church at Sunsites?” A few members spoke up: We love God. We love the fellowship. We love the Bible. To find a local church that truly loves and follows hard after God isContinue reading “2021–The Year of Fellowship”