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We are part of a local church in order to be trained for the work of ministry God has called us to (Ephesians 4:11-12). This is accomplished through the preaching and teaching ministries of the church, as we proclaim the whole counsel of Scripture. Below you will find sermons, Bible studies, and other discipleship materials. The Gospel is not a works-based message, but God’s word does prepare us for the callings He has placed on our lives as parents, teachers, servants, musicians, employees, leaders, volunteers, and more.

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Personal Offenses- Andrew Cannon Sermon Audio: The Church at Sunsites

Offended people offend people. In 1 Corinthians 6, Paul turns his attention from matters of sin requiring church discipline to matters of personal offense, which call for unconditional forgiveness.donate at thechurchatsunsites.com
  1. Personal Offenses- Andrew Cannon
  2. Covenantal Church Membership- Andrew Cannon
  3. Judgement, Excommunication, and Porneia- Andrew Cannon
  4. A Kingdom not of Words but Power- Andrew Cannon
  5. The Cause of Arrogance- Andrew Cannon
  6. The Prophetic Vision of the Resurrection- Andrew Cannon
  7. Why We Celebrate Palm Sunday- Andrew Cannon
  8. How We Regard Our Pastors- Andrew Cannon
Today, Albert, Ken, and Andrew talk about Mastering Sin, Backslidden Christians, Should Christians Ever Sue, If you are forgiven much you forgive much. donate at thechurchatsunsites.com
  1. I'm Offended
  2. The Guarded Table

SWS Episode 3 Secret Women Stuff

Cathy and Kati are at it again. donate at thechurchatsunsites.com
  1. SWS Episode 3
  2. Grace

Sermons and Bible Studies

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John’s Gospel
Book of Revelation
Object Lessons for Kids
Proclaim 2019
Stand Alone Messages
1 Corinthians
We Believe
Matthew’s Gospel
1 Timothy
Advent 2020
Passion Week 2021
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Discipleship Helps

Know of any good discipleship helps, please let us know.
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