What should I wear to church?
Where what you are comfortable in. You don’t have to dress up. You don’t have to dress down. We are interested in the condition of our hearts, not our clothes.

What Bible translation do you use?
We encourage you to use an accurate and understandable translation of Scripture. We recommend the NASB, ESV, CSB, and NIV. Other translations are good, too. If you question whether or not you are using an accurate translation, please ask.

What denomination are you?
We are a reformed church in the Southern Baptist Convention.

What if I drink or cuss?
You will not be condemned for those things here. We do not preach as sin anything Scripture does not preach as sin; We do not condemn anyone on the basis of his or her sin. Salvation is by grace alone through faith alone.

What if I observe the Law and Jewish festivals?
We understand that one cannot be saved by observing the Law. If you desire to observe the Law and keep the festivals, we honor those convictions.

What about women in ministry?
We believe the roles of men and women are complimentary and we do ordain women as deacons in the church. We encourage men and women to exercise their spiritual gifts in the church according to Scripture.

How do you preach?
Our atmosphere is laid back and less formal. We preach expositorily, verse-by-verse. We do not preach or teach reactively. Our teachers are accountable to our elders, and our elders are accountable to one another and the church body for the content presented.

How do you identify politically?
Jesus is king. We do not endorse political candidates, and we do not lobby for any worldly political party or candidate. Our purpose is to present God’s word and to seek first His kingdom and righteousness. No matter your political affiliation, you are welcome to come follow Jesus here.

What are your end-times views concerning the millennial kingdom?
We do not have an official view as a local church. We invite people who hold to premillennial, postmillennial, or amillennial views into fellowship. We believe that Jesus has not yet returned but will, and His kingdom will be established perfectly and wholly on the earth forever.

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