Kids’ Ministry

Children are a delight to the Lord. There are many local churches where the children of the church are relegated to children’s church away from the congregation. Over the last 100 years, children’s ministry in this form has produced young men and women who leave the church because they were never really part of the congregation. We recognize the need for biblical children’s ministry.

Children’s Church and Family Worship

Where possible, we encourage parents to have their children sit with them in the main gathering on Sunday mornings. We don’t mind the distractions. Where not possible, we have children’s church that we hope will be beneficial in properly discipling children while respecting parents as their children’s primary disciplers.


  1. Integrate family learning as much as possible.
    1. Our goal is not to teach children separately from the congregation because there is only one church and we never see the generations separated in Scripture. There is no Biblical justification for children’s ministry that is separate form the rest of the church body.
    2. We recognize parents as the primary disciplers of their children and God as the agent building His singular church—every generation together (Click here to hear a message to youth on this topic).
  2. Not merely babysit or offer an option for children, but to help disciple them with their families.
    1. The church does not exist to babysit children or to offer an entertaining option for children so they won’t disrupt the worship service.
    2. The church does exist to make disciples of all nations and see God’s chosen people sanctified by the preaching and teaching of Christ’s word (Matthew 28:18-20; Hebrews 10:24-25).
    3. Children are part of the body and it is better for people if a millstone is tied around their necks and they be thrown into the sea than for them to push children away from the congregation that is gathered around Jesus Christ and so cause them to stumble because they are relegated away from the church body (Matthew 18:6).


  1. Children ages 4-11 will be with their parents, or another adult, at the beginning of the main worship gathering.
  2. Someone will present a short children’s lesson at the beginning of the gathering time that conveys the same message as the sermon. Children are learning the same things their parents are learning.
  3. After the story time, parents can send their children to children’s church or keep them in the main gathering.
  4. In children’s church, children will have activities/crafts planned by the children’s church leader that Sunday and answer questions about the children’s story they just heard.
  5. Children will be sent home with a discussion guide for family worship. This guide will be made available weekly on the church website (

Children’s Church Lessons and Family Worship Questions


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