The ministries of the elders, or pastors, of a church are basic services to the church and community. Scripture refers to the elders’ ministry as the ministry of the word (Cf. Acts 6:2). In Acts 6, Peter, the Apostle, even claimed that it was not right for the ministry of the word to be neglected by them in order for them to wait tables. So, deacons were chosen to wait tables. The right use of the church’s two offices ensures a wholistic ministry. Elders are the pastors, bishops, or overseers; They preach, teach, and lead the church’s direction. Deacons are servants in charge of making sure no one is neglected and of the distribution to the needy.

Watch this video to see our most recent deeper explanation of the two offices.

Elders’ Ministries

The elders are the primary preachers and teachers in the church. This does not mean deacons cannot teach (Cf. Acts 6:8-8:3). Elders also practice the oversight of the church according to Christ’s word in service, not lordship (Cf. 1 Peter 5:1-3). The elders of the church also guard the church body from false doctrine and wolves in sheeps clothing (Cf. Acts 20:28). There is not to be one elder, or pastor, shepherding the the church but a few (Cf. Acts 14:21-23). Anyone who desires to be an elder is to be considered according to the character qualifications in 1 Timothy 3, not people’s preferences or church politics. The elders, pastors, at the Cats serve you in these way:

  1. Studying so you may know Christ more.
  2. Evaluating the church according to Scripture, not preference, so we might worship Christ according to His desires and not ours.
  3. Training the church body for the work of ministry instead of trying to do the whole work of ministry (Cf. Ephesians 4:11-13).
  4. Praying for the church body regularly.

When it comes to the ministry of the word through the elders of the church, you get out of it what you put in to it. What we believe about God and ourselves drives everything we do, think, and feel. If we do not know Christ for who He is and ourselves for who we really are, we will likely live as deceived people unable to live to God’s glory and others’ good. This is how elders, pastors, serve Christ’s kingdom.

Elders (pastors) and visitation. Our elders make visits as needed or as they desire. You may request a pastoral visit or call for biblical counseling, if you are hurting or just need to talk, if you are experiencing problems at home, if you are homebound and desire to have communion, if you have a question about Scripture or anything theological, or if you have a legitimate concern about the church. Legitimate concerns deal with how the church might be doing or teaching something contrary to Scripture, not matters of mere preference or comfort. Our plurality of elders are responsible to lead the local church in a biblical direction.

Deacons’ Ministries

Deacons are the primary servants of the church. The deacons make sure that no one is neglected. These are the servants who make regular phone calls, visits, and determine who is in need so they might distribute goods and services- primarily to church members but also to the community. A healthy church depends on the deacons’ proper observation of their ministry. Without elders and deacons maintaining their proper biblical focus, churches become more about human preference and politics because people have either a social-club or business perception of the church. The church is neither.

We are currently at the beginning stages of structuring our deacon ministry.

Specialized Ministries

As you see, the way we approach church ministry is unique. Most churches have a single pastor leading the church and major on specialized ministries like youth or music in order to attract people. We are less interested in attracting people to a building and more interested in simply honoring God. Specialized ministries have contributed to many of modern society’s problems:

Watch this video to see how Scripture informs specialized ministry in the church.

Christ has one body, not several. Even the generations are integrated in Christ’s kingdom. While we do not oppose specialized ministry, we don’t major on it. Scripture does not major on specialized ministry. Specialized ministry has mostly harmed more than it has helped because it creates a programmatic social-club that follows after people’s preferences and politics in order to attract crowds. Since we don’t major on special, programmatic ministries like many other “churches,” we are free to follow Jesus, reject complaints about genre of music, treat the generations as equals in Christ, and empower the entire church body to fulfill her ministry. Any specialized ministry we have is an act of service to God’s glory and people’s good and is not built on entertainment or with an attractional mentality. We simply trust that Christ is building His church.

Women’s and Men’s Ministry

Women’s Bible study is at 9:30 on Monday mornings. All women are invited to join us.
Men’s systematic theology is at 6 on Tuesday evenings. All men are invited to join us.

Grief Share

Need a group to mourn with? Grief Share meets twice monthly to share griefs and see what Scripture says about the grieving process. Contact for details.

Kids’ and Youth Ministry

Children are a delight to the Lord. There are many local churches where the children of the church are relegated to children’s church away from the congregation. Over the last 100 years, children’s ministry in this form has produced young men and women who leave the church because they were never really part of the congregation. We recognize the need for biblical children’s ministry and strive as much as possible for a family-integrated environment.

We are prepared to serve the upcoming generations in a way that is biblical when we have enough youth on campus to begin having special events.

If there is a specialized ministry God has placed on your heart, let us know. We want to be sure you are equipped and give you the place of ministry God has called you to.

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