Children’s Church/Family Worship 08-02-2020

Text: 1 Samuel 25:1 Topic(s): The Gospel Questions to ask in children’s church: Ask children if they have ever had a pet or family member die. Does death make you sad? Do you ever wonder why God allows death? Read Genesis 3 (NIV is the best translation for children) Ask the following questions: Why didContinue reading “Children’s Church/Family Worship 08-02-2020”

Children’s Church/Family Worship 07-26-2020

 Text: 1 Samuel 24:16-22 Topic(s): When You Are Bullied Questions to ask in children’s church: Ask children if they would like to share about a time when they were bullied. Share your own experience from your childhood—remember to keep it age appropriate. How do God’s people treat bullies? Read Romans 12:14-21—use an NIV; It’s theContinue reading “Children’s Church/Family Worship 07-26-2020”

Children’s Church 07-19-2020

Text: 1 Samuel 24:1-15 Topic(s): Sufficiency of Scripture, Peer Pressure Questions to ask in children’s church: Who created the world, and who made you? In Genesis 1, we see that God created the world.  God created people in His image. Every child is created in the likeness of God. Who knows more about what GodContinue reading “Children’s Church 07-19-2020”